Under 8s have a fruitful trip to Glasnevin

posted 15 Apr 2013, 08:57 by Skerries Harps

Action from Saturday's match between Skerries Harps under 8s and Na Fianna in Glasnevin.

We have to admit that we were apprehensive before the game. With 11 players not able to travel, and the daunting prospect of Na Fianna away, we thought we'd be up against it. For the first week in a long time, Friday was spent following up with players' parents as to whether they would be available rather than looking at teamsheets. As it turns out, our apprehensions were misplaced. 

We split the squad into 2 teams (rather than the normal 3) - into those that had to travel on to Boyne for rugby and those that didn't. We had 9 on each team.

Start to finish the lads were fantastic. We should not be surprised any more, but in all honesty the commitment they showed yesterday did just that. We expected a tough morning with a lot of the lads minds elsewhere. What we got was a battling display with no quarter given!

Na Fianna are an excellent squad. They have some players there that may need to bring their birth certs on their match travels with them, and they can pull the sliotár well enough for their goalkeeper to have a crack at scoring! We know that because after a while, that's what they resorted to! That was after coming up against our solid midfield players and utterly impenetrable defense. We don't do a "man of the match" award, but we have to say, Rossa Gilbride and Matthew Flannery were just outstanding.

In the end we won 3 out of 4 games. Na Fianna were very complimentary of our lads. They admitted they were expecting a hugely different morning! I reckon they'll expect a bit more of us the next time ;)

All in all a fantastic morning was had. Well done to the 18 that travelled. They did a brilliant job and reminded us, yet again, why we love doing this so much :)