Under 8 Boys Hurling Tournament in Croke Park

posted 15 Jul 2014, 03:29 by Skerries Harps

On Monday the 14th July, 20 of our under 8 boys and their families were up and on the road at 7a.m. to make the journey to Croke Park for our hurling match. We were there good and early and donned our gear to play in the cauldron that is our national stadium. 

We all assembled in the stands waiting for our turn to be called into the dressing rooms, to experience the pre-match ritual that all our county players go through. We then got to run out through the dug out for our photos and onto the pitch and enter into battle. We were drawn against Clondalkin Round Towers, who previously had the upper hand on our lads in Gormanston. But with great heart, spirit, a lot of courage and tenacity in true Harps tradition our lads battled it out. 

We fought hard to in all sections of the pitch and we kept a level score card for the first quarter, however with some unlucky breaks of the ball we were down by 3 goals. The lads fought hard and got the upper hand in the second half which saw us gaining a 3 – 3 draw, at this stage of the game we were on a roll, but the final whistle blew. It was a truly great experience for all of us. We then got to parade up to the presentation area in the Hogan stand and were allowed to raise the cup…..hopefully not for the only time. Well done lads you did the Harps proud again! This has been a great year for the under 8 boys which regularly sees us fielding 28 players. 

Thanks must as always go to the families of all the boys who were there in great numbers to support us, we could hear you loud and clear urging us on from the stands. Thanks for all the lifts and early starts every Saturday morning, we hope we made you proud. A big thank you to under 9s for the loan of their jerseys and a huge thanks to our mentors on the day, John Ward, Joe Morley, Neil Keoghan and Oonagh Ward. But a huge thanks to all our parents who were up so early to bring us in to Croke Park. It was a great day, come on the Harps!!