U8s enjoy "good tough battle" with Isles

posted 21 Apr 2013, 14:44 by Skerries Harps   [ updated 27 Apr 2013, 14:01 ]
What a smashing morning for it! Townparks pitch was playable and the sun was out. Our opponents today were Erins Isle. After last weeks lower than normal turnout, we arrived in droves today with a panel of 30 players available.

Erins Isle had 21 players. As such we had to do a bit of chopping and changing to ensure all players got reasonable playing time whilst ensuring we played correct numbers of players. 

Whilst they may not have had the volumes, Erins Isle have some quality players. They were probably the strongest opposition we have come up against so far. That, coupled with the subs management required, made for a difficult morning.

On the positive side though, it is great to have strong opposition as we get to see how we are progressing. It's all well and good putting in strong tackles each week, but we need to be on the receiving end a bit more! Erins Isle were up for that and there were good tough battles over all 3 pitches.

We found it interesting to see so many tackles and blocks coming in from our lads. We generally hold more possession than today and it is not an area we have focused on too heavily in training. Yet the lads instinctively throw themselves in front of the ball. Bodes well for our skill point scoring next year!!

Our lads played very well with great skills on show. We were behind in a couple of games and fought back to come out on top. 

Many thanks to Eoin Hickey who did a great job reffing. It's refreshing to see refs at this level who blow up for fouls and then advise the kids why they gave the foul away. Very impressed :) 

In spectacular conditions we managed to win 4 of the 6 games in all. The kids played incredibly well, and should be very proud of themselves.