U8s close out fantastic hurling season

posted 2 Nov 2013, 13:31 by Skerries Harps

This season so far we've been lucky enough to turn out big numbers in (generally) good conditions. For our last official hurling match of the season, we got a chance to see it from the other side!

Only 20 started out in Portmarnock (joined by another 2 later in the morning!!) This was due to a combination of mid-term holidays and a few players becoming ill over the last couple of days. With a strong wind blowing and a few short soakings in the air, the stall was set out for a tough morning!

It says something for our growing reputation that Naomh Mearnog's mentors requested that they get to play with an extra player (rather than a sub) as we "were much stronger than us the last time!" Of course, on previous occasions we had a huge squad of players to choose from. We obliged where we could, but for the second game did ask they use a sub as our players were huffing and blowing hard after the first!

For the first time ever we had to take some of their players onto our teams! In general though we looked to allow them play as many as they wanted as the main aim is to get players playing.

On my team we had 7 lads who either don't realise or don't really care when the chips are down. Playing with a "plus 1" and against 9, we were concerned on the sideline that we might not get much of a look in. We needn't have been concerned. To a player they marked, blocked and pulled better than I've seen from them all year both as a team and as individuals.

Paddy Sparling took a knock before we even got started, but played like he was playing for a championship! He got stuck into players towering above him and the smart money on the sidelines was for him to come away in possession! Ben Fennell was once again brilliant - particularly mopping up at the back, whilst James Courell gave us some much needed breathers running the length of the pitch. The rest of the side were fantastic too.
All in all the lads can be very proud of themselves. They are used to sitting out one half of the 4 played on a Saturday, but this morning there was no such break available. No concern - they ran and ran without pause or complaint! The parents watching got a hugely entertaining display from their lads and should be extremely proud of every one of them. We as mentors certainly are.

Next week is our last "official" game. (We may arrange a few "off-season" friendlies) The fixture should be made available on Monday. We will be looking to meet in the clubhouse afterwards (time dependant on whether we're home or away). Whether you can play or not, we would like to see ALL players in the clubhouse for an hour or so to thank them for their seasons work. Details will follow.

Well done lads - another fantastic morning and you should all be very proud.

(pictured above is some of the U8 squad on a sunnier day earlier this year)