U12 Camogie in Caman to Leinster

posted 15 Mar 2017, 23:45 by Skerries Harps
The under 12 camogie team headed to Abbotstown to play in the Caman to Leinster, which saw 40 clubs form every county in Leinster. A big thank you to Eve Talbot and the Dublin Camogie Board for organising such a great event. 18 under 12 camogie girls headed off very early on a bright and breezy Sunday morning to take part in this fantastic tournament. They competed in 3 matches against 3 different clubs from County Kildare and County Meth.

The girls had an anxious wait as having to be there very early their first match did not take place for over an hour after they arrived. However even the long wait didn’t dampen their spirits. Having performed the haka on the top of a hill they ran down to compete in the first match against Ardclough Co Kildare. They fought hard in very breezy conditions which they had to play into but soon got on the scoreboard and kept the momentum going throughout the match which saw them victorious. 

After another break the girls took to the pitch again to play Cappagh Co Kildare, they soon got back into their rhythm and got onto the scoreboard and kept the ball completely in their opponents half, this despite once again having to play into the strong wind. Cappagh were no match for our girls in a result which saw every one of the forwards scoring. There was fantastic team scores with the ball been won cleanly in the mid field and delivered into the forward line with great accuracy. There were lovely moments which saw short side-lines been passed to the midfield player who produced a lovely point. 

The girls were once again victorious. They had a well-earned break and some goodies to get the energy levels going again. They ran out yet again to play into the wind but thankfully they were allowed to change sides half way through the match. This time their opponents were Donaghmore from County Meath but once again they were no match for our girls who got back into their grove with ease. Throughout the 3 matches which had no halftimes the girls skill and team spirit took them to 3 victories and they maintained a clean sheet having conceded no scores against them… Well done you made us all so proud. Thanks to all the girls and as usual such a great bunch of parents whom I am sure didn’t relish the thought of leaving their beds to be up and gone from Skerries at 8.30 on a Sunday morning!! 

Thanks Veronica Fay Watt for all your help….Girls you rock!!