U13 Footballers! Div. 8 Harps 6-5 Colmcilles 3-3

posted 21 Oct 2013, 05:48 by Skerries Harps   [ updated 21 Oct 2013, 05:49 ]
Div. 8     Skerries Harps   6-5 Whitehall Colmcilles        3-3

League leaders Whitehall travelled out to Skerries requiring one point 
to win the league title, but they met great resistance from the young 
Skerries men.

Led superbly by captain Oisin Cousins who played a real captains part 
and never put a foot wrong for the hour, a true inspiration for his team 

Whitehall opened the scoring with a quick point followed by a goal but 
Skerries quickly replied with a direct ball into big full forward Senad 
whose deft touch beat the Whitehall keeper.

With excellent kick outs from goalkeeper Eoin McDonnell giving Skerries 
a platform to attack, Skerries midfielders Adam Fearon & Paul Wilde 
dominated this sector constantly driving forward at every opportunity.

Whitehall broke up the pitch and picked off a good point and quickly 
followed up with a deflected goal.

This spurred the Skerries men into action with centre back Matthew Kelly 
driving forward and combining well with Matthew Dooley who was a thorn 
in the opposition defence all day with his outstanding movement, 
distribution and ability to lose his marker at every opportunity.

Two goals by midfielders Fearon and Wilde put Skerries in the driving 
seat approaching the half time whistle and with the Full back line of 
Clinton Opriah, Harry Archer and the ever reliable John Healy were a 
constant barrier to Whitehall's attacks, their discipline in the tackle 
was excellent and denied their opponents any clear chances.

Skerries led at the break 4-1 to 2-3.

With the start of the second half Skerries set out to finish the game 
off, half forward Mark Coomey goaled after a fantastic run through the 

Paul Wilde and Robert Delaney chipped in with points before Mark 
Allidine with some nice play set up Darragh Redmond who burst the 
Whitehall net with aplomb!

Whitehall scored a consolation goal but Skerries not to be outdone raced 
forward led by Christopher Caffrey who intercepted many Whitehall's 
attacks and showed a high skill level set up midfielders Wilde and 
Fearon for late points.

Overall Skerries dominated the game and well deserved their victory, 
this team has shown much resilience in recent matches and with 
performances like this to look back on they can be satoisfied with their 
performance to date.

E McDonnell, C Opriah, H Archer, J Healy, C Caffrey, M Kelly, O Cousins; 
A Fearon (1-1), P Wilde (1-2), M Coomey (1-0), R Delaney(0-1), M Dooley 
(0-1), D Redmond (1-0), S Me (2-0), M Allidine