Harps U10 Girls Football Festival update

posted 23 Aug 2013, 00:55 by Skerries Harps   [ updated 23 Aug 2013, 07:39 ]
On the 17th August 2013 the Skerries Harps Under 10 Girls Football team
were invited to take part in the Fingallians Girls Football Festival.  Ten
girls were able to make it on the the day and they were as follows
*Jane Maguire, Robyn Buckley, Morgan Walsh, Sarah Rogan, Leah Beggs,
Saoirse O Dowd, Megan Sheridan, Kate Naessens, Linzi Harrison and  Mia
Curtis. *There were ten teams in the Festival from Wicklow, Louth, Meath,
Down and Dublin.

The first game was played at 10.30 am and the Final played at 2.30pm.  In
all each team played five games of 20 minute duration.  There were teams of
10 with unlimited substitution but as Skerries were only in a position to
field 10 players this meant that all of the Skerries players had to play
for the full 100 mins of football.

In the first game Skerries played Clanna Gael Fontenoy  this proved to be a
tough game but the Skerries girls got dug in from the get go and and let no
opportunity pass them by.  The scores were fluid and and hard won but to a
player we gave of our all and emerged the victors in a great game of
football.  Its hard to single out any players but a few in this game were
Jane Maguire, Robyn Buckley and Sarah Rogan.

Second up we played St. Brides from Co. Louth and in this game we gave a
magnificent display of how football should be played the heads were up
looking for players to pass to there were some great combinations of
kicking and hand passing with the resulting scores again this was a hard
fought game but once again Skerries emerged victorious and on we marched
with a second win under our belt and a game closer to the final. Some of
the girls that stood out in this match were the following  Kate Naessens,
Linzi Harrison, Leah Beggs and  Mia Curtis.

We had a break at this stage and headed for the dressing for a team talk
from Mark Maguire who with his awe inspiring words and of course the
chocolate he supplied to bring up the blood sugar levels we were ready to
head back to the pitches to give another display of how to play football.

The third game that we played was against Fingallians 1 this time the girls
decided to give a lesson in how to play the game and they picked off their
scores like a pigeon picking corn in a grain store.  It was only a matter
of whether the ball went over or in the back of the net.  The chocolate had
worked and it was onward and upward from here.  It was hard to believe that
they could keep improving but that they did with each game they played and
the games and the winning was getting easier.  The team spirit was coming
out and the ball was being played with great panache around the field among
all the girls.
* AND* so another win the third out of three and no signs of it stopping.
The players who came to notice in this game were the following Saoirse O
Dowd, Megan Sheridan and  Mia Curtis.

The fourth game was against the team from Co. Down St. John Bosco's.  Its
hard to believe that the girls could get any better after the displays in
the three previous games but that they did and once again it can only be
described as outstanding the display that was given, so much so that it was
commented on by  coaches from the other teams, girls you did yourselves
proud *one and all* not a score against you and Robyn our goalie was very
bored.  So that was was it four out of four and into the final.

We broke for lunch which was supplied on the day but I think the smell of
the BBQ sold the girls a pup and they were supplied with sambos drinks etc
thank you Finns for the lunch.

On so to the *Final* in which we were playing St. Geraldines of Arklow the
girls at this stage were tired as were the mentors and supporters from all
the shouting and cheering.  Mark gave the girls their positions and the
game was on we won the ball from the throw in and Skerries launched their
attack on the Geraldines goal the ball was moved around the girls until
they saw the opportunity and took their score.  Geraldines came back and
got a score against us but this was the catalyst for a gutsy and determined
display from the Skerries girls who were never behind in the match, the
passing and team work was incredible and everyone on the field gave of
their all and gave us an unprecedented display of football the bit was
between their teeth and they were going to be the victors in this
competition.  No one girl could be singled out because all gave 110% and
the final result was a fifth win for the Skerries U10 Girls and the overall
winners of the Fingallians U10 Girls Football Festival 2013. All the girls
played in all positions backs forwards and goalie and not one of them was
found wanting in any of the positions.

Congratulations to one and all you are a pleasure to work with Mark and