More success for "impressive" under 8s

posted 9 Apr 2013, 08:52 by Skerries Harps   [ updated 9 Apr 2013, 09:05 ]
Another sunny Saturday, another hugely successful outing for our U8s.

Today was Blitz day - our group was hosted by St Sylvesters at Malahide Castle and also included Naomh Mearnóg. 29 of our 31 strong squad turned out. A great testament to the commitment of the kids and parents alike. (We even know of a certain mentor and player who cut short their mid-term holiday to ensure they could attend!)

Whilst we had met Naomh Mearnóg earlier in the season, St Sylvesters were new opposition for us, as our previous planned game had to be cancelled due to the weather. As such, we weren't sure what they would be like, although we did expect them to be strong. 
Both opposition sides had strong squads. However, our lads were chomping at the bit after a couple of weeks of a rest and pretty much ran all teams who lined out against them ragged! 

I believe we are still benefiting from the Academy setup at the club. (Note - parents of younger kids - if you don't have them in the Academy, we'd highly recommend it!!) However, we also see steady improvements in the opposition... we have to look to keep the advantage by training and practising as much as possible.

The group we have are an extremely impressive bunch. Even at this young age, they are holding the positions they are given and understand the roles given to them. Each match we see more and more team play and passing coming into their game. If the forwards see a team mate in a better scoring than them, they will nowadays pass rather than look to take a difficult point themselves. Shooting practice from training is already showing through will a lot of "points" being racked up.

Out of the 6 games we played, we won 5 and drew one. The lads can all be very proud of themselves. Thanks to St Sylvesters for hosting a good blitz. The coke and crisps were enjoyed, and the lads are very proud of their medals!

Also, big thanks to the parents who bring the kids to training & matches. We know how hectic it can be getting them organised and to their games. We hope the fun they are getting out of it is worth all that effort :)